Adding services and solutions

We manage industrial production processes in an innovative way to make them more efficient

DOMINION Industry is an entity that adds together the historical experience of KARRENA, BURWITZ and CTP, the capacity in complex projects of CRI, ALTAC and BIERRUM, the specialized technologies from STEELCON and NOVOCOS , and the leadership of Dominion and BEROA. A success story of knowledge, innovation and integration to serve our customers, with a clear vocation of global leadership.

World leaders in Industrial Services, especially in Refractory, External Insulation, Acid Resistant Lining, Fire Proofing and Painting.

DOMINION Industry is the premier Chimney and Tower Builder Worldwide. We specialize in Concrete and Steel Chimneys, as well as in Solar Towers, Cooling Towers, Stair Towers and Silos. Our range of Activities include Inspections, Design, New Construction, Maintenance and Demolition. We also provide Rope Access expertise.

We are also experts in Hot Repairs, while the plant is in operation, with technologies such as Ceramic Welding and Robotic Shotcreeting for the Steel and Glass Industries.