Adding services and solutions


BEROA, founded in 1997, acquired companies with a long standing tradition and widespread industry recognition. Our first acquisition was Karrena based in Germany and founded in 1914, the european leader in refractory lining and chimney construction.

Afterwards we integrated companies such as Burwitz (Germany, 1949), Forter (Portugal, 1989), Bierrum (England, 1928), CTP-Thermique (France, 1926) or YLA Pty Limited (Australia, 1974).

Inn 2015, BEROA becomes DOMINION Industry, an entity that adds together the historical experience of KARRENA, BURWITZ and CTP, the capacity in complex projects of CRI, ALTAC and BIERRUM, the specialized technologies from STEELCON and NOVOCOS , and the leadership of DOMINION and BEROA. A success story of knowledge, innovation and integration to serve our customers, with a clear vocation of global leadership.